Annual Report

Hutt Valley Heart Trust Chairman's Report

For the Year Ended 31st March 2016

As 2016 marks 30 years since this trust was first set up it is appropriate to go back over those years and to review some of the Trust's achievement rather than deal solely with the year just completed. In compiling this report I am indebted to research done by our industrious Secretary Eric McCarty who has gone back through the Trust's records.

Attached to this report is the first page of the original Trust deed. It contains the name of the original Trustees. Of these Stewart Mann is the only one still with us. It was his vision that led to the setting up of the Trust. Stewart's steadfast support for the Trust will be the subject of more specific reference later in the year.

The attached page also sets out the original aims of the Trust. They are as pertinent today as they were 30 years ago.

In 1988 the focus at the time was the need for the Hutt Hospital to purchase an Ultrasound Scanner. The $173,335.62 raised to purchase that equipment remains the Trust's biggest ever single purchase all these years later. Looking down the list some items are worth highlighting.

  • Stethoscopes: It was brought to our attention that nurses in the Unit were having to share stethoscopes. We made sure that each nurse got their own personal one.
  • Toyota Corolla: It has always been part of our ongoing policy to provide for the Unit to have its own dedicated vehicle for staff to make visits to patients at their own homes. It is believed that no other DHB provides its CCU staff with their own dedicated vehicle. They have to share availability of vehicles with rest of the hospital staff.
  • Additional Monitor: By funding the purchase of an additional monitor the capacity of a major item of screening equipment was effectively doubled.

During the year we noted with regret the death of Chris Clifton who had served on our Trust Board from 1998 to 2014 including a period as Board Chairman.

I would like to thank the members of our Trust Board for their work during the year.I would like to mention specially our Treasurer, Ron Francis, who is always on the lookout for possible funding sources. He has twice succeeded in getting the Trust on the Iist for a charitable distribution by a local Z Service Station.

20th June 2016