Our Vision

In brief, The Hutt Valley Heart Trust's vision is to assist the recovery of heart patients at Lower Hutt's Hutt Hospital by:
Providing equipment
Helping fund staff post-graduate education
Sending staff for special training
Purchasing comforts for patients.

A long list of equipment purchased includes a 24 hour ECG analyzer, an ultrasound scanner, portable blood pressure machines, sphygmomanometers, automated exterior defibrillator, triple infusion pump, assistance for an interactive training manikin, and assistance with software for CT angiography equipment.

From year to year senior nursing staff are assisted with the cost of fees for their studies for the Master of Nursing degree at Victoria University and cardiac technologists who specialize in echocardiography receive help with funding to complete a Post Graduate Diploma at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

The Trust also provides a car to enable the coronary care rehabilitation nurses to make personal visits to recovering patients in their own homes.

Patients have not been forgotten. Purchases include a television, a DVD/CD player, water cooler, TRI pillows, Spenco mattresses, tea and café bar and a cordless phone that enables patients to call home from their room.

Recently the Trust purchased two new 2-seater divans for the Coronary Care Day room.